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TrainingToolz Use Case

HR Consultant

I’m an HR Consultant working for a number of clients and want to offer online training.

For busy HR consultants technology really can make your job easier.

  • Create courses for clients and retain your IP. Upload your own courses onto the platform. You then licence assignments to your clients, specifying the number of times and the duration for which the assignment may be used by them.
  • Train clients at a time that suits you and them. It’s hard to get all the people you want to train in the same place at the same time. Upload your own online training, send it via the email functionality in the system to your relevant clients/groups, and they can complete it at a time that suits them. Monitoring and certification is built into the platform.
  • Update and distribute versions of your policies and training in seconds. Amends and new versions can be created in seconds and re-distributed.

If you can cut and paste, you can use

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