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Subscriptions and Training Credits

Activating your Subscription

Once you are ready to distribute your training assignments you simply Activate your Subscription. This has a monthly or annual fee depending upon the subscription option you choose. You then have the ability to invite candidates to take the course and view the results.

Most subscription packages are bundled with a number of invitation credits which are topped up at the start of each new subscription period.

The subscription package renews automatically. If at any point you need take a break, simply de-activate your subscription. It will not renew at the end of the current monthly subscription period.

We ensure all of your assignments and training stats remain stored in the platform. When you are ready to restart training or need to view your stats simply Re-activate your Subscription.

What are Training Credits

Training credits are required to distribute training assignments. One invitation to one candidate uses one training credit.

Training credits come in two forms, subscription credits and top-up credits.

Subscription credits are bundled into your subscription package. Subscription credits are always used first and do expire if not used within your subscription period.

Top-up credits can be purchased if required at any time. Unused top-up credits get rolled over.

Buying Extra Credits

We have carefully created a range of subscription options which should ensure you can choose one which gives you sufficient credits bundled in. However sometimes you may need a little more.

Bulk additional credits can be purchased at any time

250 credits £25*
1000 credits £85*
2500 credits £200*

You must have an active subscription in order to use your credits by inviting candidates to access a training assignment. There is no refund on unused credits.

* All prices in GBP and are subject to VAT